Batista Gremaud

Business Name: Dr Fitness USA / International Institute of Body Design
Location/Address: 8407 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045
Guest’s name and position: Batista Gremaud: Co-Founder
Cell Phone: 310.645.9756
Bus Phone: 424.245.6560
Fax: (310) 382.2459
Skype: Batista.Gremaud
Languages: English, Spanish, French

Today’s guest is:

Batista Gremaud is the co-founder of the International Institute of Body Design, helping busy women (and men) over 40, look and feel 15 years younger, get 20% to 50% stronger and potentially achieve a pain free with Dr Fitness USA's proprietary  system, guaranteed. Batista is the co-host of the Esoteric Principles Of Bodybuilding and the producer of The Dr Fitness USA's Show.

Certified also in personal training, Batista's expertise in strength training includes structural realignment of the spine and injury prevention.

Batista is a No1 Best Selling author and co-creator of the Feminine Body Design prescription strength training system.

A former international professional performer in ballet and Spanish dance Batista Gremaud is a visionary, also certified in hands on healing, intuitive readings and energy clearing, Batista Gremaud ‘s long time passion in dance, quantum physics and metaphysical science inspires her to help busy women over forty to achieve greater integration of body, mind and spirit through the practice of strengthening the body and the mind with the Body Design Formula prescription strength training coaching system.

Insights into the topic

Whom do you help?  

Busy women over 40, look and feel 15 years younger, by eliminating aches and pain with Dr Fitness USA's proprietary system, guaranteed.

How do you help them?
I help them by actively participating in teaching them the prescription strength training system by Dr Fitness USA, which will increase their strength by 20% to 50% in 20 minutes, quiet the mind, get them to look and feel 15 years younger and achieve a pain free life.

What are 2-3 problems, real or perceived, that you solve for them? 

Weight gain - Some type of pain (often back or neck pain, shoulder, knee), suffering from ongoing depression or addiction (food, pain medication, anti-depressant, alcohol etc…)

Why would they be interested in what you say?

  • Our long successful track record
  • The promise that they can get positive results without having to be a gym rat, rather just going to a gym 2 to 3 times per week, for 30 to 40 minutes
  • The rapid strength increase
  • The sustainability of the program and that they won’t need to hire a personal trainer and be independent

Why do they become your customer?  

They have tried a lot of other things to get in shape, get rid of backache, shoulder pain or other ailments but nothing worked. Often we are the last house on the block.

What are 2 or 3 popular misconceptions about the product or service you provide and the results it produces?

  • Women who do strength training get bulky
  • Yoga achieves the same kinds of results
  • Personal trainers do the same thing

What do you think is the main reason that the person you can help the most decides not to buy from you? Is it price, time commitment, what others would think, not convinced it would work for them?

  • Lack of education (media promising a quick fix) understanding the difference and outcome of doing it themselves, with a personal trainer or the enormous benefits of being on the Body Design Formula System which is  sustainable and much more cost effective in the long run. Think renting an apartment, where you own nothing or owning your own home.  
  • It is a different business model, which people are not used to (many people operate inside the box and are afraid to leave the confinement of the box and step into the unknown ...Dr Fitness USA operates outside the box)

Business and Professional Development

Pain management: Did you know that back pain is the single leading cause of disability and most common reason for missed work, with 80% of North American affected?

Stress management: Did you know that studies show that 60 to 80% of accidents on the job and an estimated cost of $200 to $300 billion a year to corporations are caused by stressed employees?

Increased productivity: Did you know  that low productivity is directly related to people experiencing fatigue, physically and mentally?


Batista Gremaud merges universal and esoteric principles to the art of bodybuilding, according to the teachings and philosophy of International Body Designer Stephen Hercy AKA Dr Fitness USA, as an evolutionary vehicle to achieving wholeness of all elements of the Self and bringing greater understanding to the subject of body, mind spirit integration.



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